You need a perfect roof for a perfect house, but deciding the best one for your house needs some serious attention for which you may need roof restoration experts. In some specific types of architectures, like if the roof is a flat or the roofline is visibly sharp, you can think of metal roofing. If used in suitable condition, metal roofing can provide extreme durability to a house and it can be a good investment in the long run. In this context, let’s have some discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of having a metal roof.

Advantages of metal roof

Here are some advantages of having a metal roof:

  • You will be delighted with the choice in metal roofing. If you consult an expert in roofing restoration Melbourne like Roof Restoration Melbourne Wide, they can show you different types of possible metal roofs like tin, zinc, copper, galvanized steel, and many more. These roofs differ in outlook, rigidity, flexibility, and durability, and price. So, have a thorough check from an expert any before taking any final decision.
  • As far as the longevity and durability are considered there is no alternative to metal roofs. They can withstand in strong wind and heat, heavy rain and snowfall, or in any other adverse weather condition.
  • Your house will look utterly stylish from every aspect. You can choose from a wide variety of colors, textures, and shapes. Each of these roofing systems has their own characteristics and distinctiveness.
  • When a metal roof is there, you can remain assured that there will not be much repair works during the next 3-4 years except some cleaning of gutters and washing. It will be the investment for your house.
  • When you are using a metal roofing system, the weight of the total roof is lowered significantly in comparison to other types of roofs like concrete roofs and tile roofs. Where a tile roof of 100 square feet weighs approximately 750 pounds or a concrete roof weighs approximately 1000 pounds, a metal roof weighs 100-150 pounds on an average.
  • A properly installed metal roof has a long-life expectancy. A typical copper roof can last 30-40 years.
  • In comparison, other types of roofs, a metal roofing system can provide much more energy efficiency. A rightly installed metal roof can protect the house from the direct heat through the instant reflection of solar rays.
  • Metal roofs are recyclable; hence, they are environment-friendly products.

Disadvantages of metal roof

If you consult an expert in roofing restoration Melbourne, they will also discuss the disadvantages of having metal roofing system in your house. Here are some disadvantages that you should be aware of:

  • Though in the long run, your investment in metal roofing is quite reasonable, right now it may not be so. The initial cost of purchasing and installing a metal roofing system is much higher than the other types of roofing systems. As per the experts, the average expenditure on metal roofing may be 3-4 times more than a tile or concrete roofing system. So, investment on a metal roofing is a good decision only when you have a plan to stay in the current address for at least 20-25 years.
  • Metal roofs are very much sensitive to weather change. If the panels are not placed perfectly as per the design, large panels can expand when the temperature is high and push the neighboring panels while they can contract when the temperature is low causing a space in between the two panels. Both of these incidents can reduce the life expectancy of the panels and screws attaches with them.
  • Metal roofs create noise as rain falls or a bird hops on the rooftop or small branches of trees fall on it. During a hailstorm or snowfall, the sound may be more high. These days, varieties of insulators are available just to reduce this sound. However, these insulators again require special maintenance and they are costly too.
  • A different type of problem occurs during a snowfall. In an inclined metal rooftop, snow slides off quickly and falls on the surrounding areas. This can cause serious damage to the areas in the vicinity of the house like the garden trees and plants or the outdoor furniture near the house.

In any situation consult your plan with an expert Melbourne roof restoration service like Roof Restoration Melbourne Wide. Metal roofing requires perfect installation and proper maintenance. Following the advice in this regard and expert installation service will help your metal roof last really long.