Have you noticed black stains on the roof? Especially after a rainfall? These are actually one type of algae biologically known as Gloeocapsa magma Algae. Melbourne roof restoration workers call this “Roof Algae”. You can see these algae more prevalent in a shaded part of your rooftop like somewhere tree branches are covering a part of the roof. These algae are also visible on the north slope of a roof as that slope gets less sun rays.

The main constituent of Roof Algae is cyanobacteria that take food for living from moisture and limestone. In your rooftop, the shingles are made with limestone. If it is a concrete roof than some limestone is also present. Normally, Roof Algae has a bluish shade but when it grows unhindered a semisolid UV coating is formed on the outer part of the algae. This then looks like a black stain.

Roof algae are increasing on the roofs

In recent times, as per the experts in roofing restorations Melbourne, Roof Algae are increasing in leaps and bounds. Even 25-30 years ago, the problem was not so severe. The main problem lies in the shingles. In past, when Roof Algae was not so rampant, the shingles were made of asphalt, color stones, and felt. There was no sign of limestone, so no black stains could be visible in general. Now, instead of asphalt, limestone is mixed in higher quantities to make the shingles. Limestone is an attractive food of Roof Algae.

Are roof algae damaging?

Generally, no evidence has been found that can support the view that the algae are damaging for the roof. It makes the rooftop extremely slippery, catches more water, makes the roof look ugly. It also loses the normal curbs of the rooftop.

Cleaning the roof algae

In this matter, you should believe only an experienced service providers like Roof Restoration Melbourne Wide. Experts know how to clean it efficiently so that they are not formed for a long time. Experts workers engaged in roof tiles repairs Melbourne use the perfect roof-friendly chemicals to clear those black stains. Inexperienced companies use different products for the cleaning which can provide a temporary solution but can also damage different portions of the roof. They may use powerful bleaches and phosphates which can damage the rooftop surface. So, you should select only the experienced workers to accomplish this job.

Usefulness of zinc or copper strips

Zinc or copper strips are extremely useful in the prevention of Roof Algae. It is observed that if such strips are installed along the roof ridge these algae don’t grow much. These strips can’t destroy the algae but they are capable of preventing the growth of these algae. As waterfalls on the zinc or copper strips the carbonate of the corresponding metal comes out and block the proliferation of black roof stains.

Roof Restoration Melbourne Wide can arrange all possible actions to stop the growth by properly fixing zinc and copper strips and undertaking other necessary steps to wipe out the Roof Algae permanently.